March 4, 2018
Macey and Dougherty came over to play today. Although tall, Dougherty is still a puppy and demands play a lot! Here we are playing inside.
Check out my collar!


After playing for a long time, I need a little walk to relax. Dougherty likes to walk along.


February 17, 2018
It was a warmer day today, so I asked my human if Maddie and I can sun bathe. We love that, and it was really my idea!

February 10, 2018
Macey, Dougherty and I are playing and running in the mud. I heard mud is good for the skin. We love it! Our humans - no so much, but they love us!

I'll race you to the house!

Dougherty always looks like he is smiling and having fun.

The neighbor's dogs are barking. We are so good - listening, but not barking back.

Into the mud we go. Yeah!

A little training... We love our treats. Dougherty wants to be up front. I let him - I'm a good friend.

January 14, 2018
I have a new friend! Dougherty is an Irish Wolfhound. He is almost one year old and very nice. He is taller than I am, but I am wiser.

A new friend - Irish Wolfhound


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