December 26, 2020
Here are Sarge and I relaxing by the fireplace. Yes, we are safe.

Sarge and Rigbee by Fireplace

October 25, 2020
We are getting used to each other. Sarge wants to share one of our pads.

Rigbee and Sarge on pad

Rigbee and Sarge on pad

October 24, 2020
This is my new friend, Sarge. Like me, he is a rescue, and, like me, he is going to love it here!

Rigbee and Sarge

September 7, 2020
We have been at home for a few months. We get our walks, but something is different. The good thing is - Mom is cooking more. Today she used the grill to make hot dogs - what?! I don't understand the name, but they sure smell great!

Rigbee stares at hot dogs

August 2, 2020
It is hot outside today. We feel good relaxing inside on our new bed - comfy!

Rigbee and Scarlett relaxing on new dog bed.

June 26, 2020
My humans gave me this big pad. It looks good. I will have to examine it for a bit before deciding if it is better than my regular one.

Rigbee on small pad by big pad

May 27, 2020
Scarlett, my "little" sister. She has her own pad to relax in, but she wants to be here. Of course it is not surprising - after all, I am here!

Rigbee and Scarlett on one pad

April 4, 2020
My birthday today. I don't know what that means, but I am getting more treats today. Great for me. Scarlett wants to be closer today. We are enjoying the outdoors.

Rigbee and Scarlett on pad outside

March 8, 2020
We love our treats! Look at our concentration!

We love our treats!

On  3/29/2020 9:35:45 AMTami Bogutz Steinberg  wrote:

Love it!!
On  3/29/2020 9:35:42 AMTami Bogutz Steinberg  wrote:

Love it!!
On  3/9/2020 6:06:57 AMVeronique Labeille  wrote:

So beautiful!
On  3/9/2020 6:02:33 AMMegan  wrote:

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