October 24, 2021
My humans brought home a new friend. This is Gypsy. She is 5 years old, very energetic, and cute.


She has been exploring our yard.

Gypsy exploring yard

Here I am watching her. I look marvelous at sunset!

Rigbee sunset

Here we are exploring the yard together. Nice, right?

Rigbee and Gypsy in back yard

June 16, 2021
The weather has been beautiful the last few days, so my Dad and I are spending some time relaxing outside. So much to smell and hear!

Rigbee outside in evening

Rigbee relaxing outside in evening

April 4, 2021
It's my birthday today! I get to do whatever I want (I think), and I want to relax in the sun.

Rigbee enjoying sun

See my new spring collar - it goes well with the lawn.

Rigbee standing out on lawn

Rigbee enjoying new collar

Meanwhile, Sarge is watching me. . .

Sarge looking right

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